Plaster Repair and More Layers

We are tackling two more rooms in the demolition of our home – the kitchen and the parlor. These are the last two rooms covered in paneling and wallpaper.  They are the last two that need unwrapped down to the bare plaster, and are projects we are under taking while waiting for our plumber to finish in our three bathrooms.

Scott affixes plaster screws on either side of a crack between fireplace and door in parlor.

We’ve pryed off a layer of paneling, which had wallpaper on top of it. Beautiful bare plaster walls are revealed. There are a few cracks, and long streaks of glue, which former owners used to bind the plaster to the walls. Scott has found some fabulous new tools to aid in fixing the plaster – drywall screws. We apply them on either side of the cracks, and they keep the plaster in place, like rows of railroad tracks along each offending crack.

So far we had applied 200 to the parlor alone – time for another order. We estimate we’ll need about 250 per room.

I apply an elastomeric patch on top of each nail hole, ding or divot in the wall to make a smooth surface and prepare it for primer. This parlor will be my office, and I already have bought several antique pieces for a blend of old and new in this grand room.

Kitchen surprises

I’ll have to say the kitchen was my least favorite room in the house. Cheap cabinets, laminate counters, and layers of curling linoleum floors cheapened this room. On top of that, three wallpaper patterns co-existed in the space, and the effect was disharmonious to say the least! Three walls had rich pine paneling, which was a 1970s addition.

We’ve torn out the cabinets, countertops and taken off the paneling to open up the room.

FIVE LAYERS of linoleum were stacked atop each other, and underneath it all we found – drumroll please – hardwood floors. Heart pine flooring, like the rest of the house. We have gained at least two inches of space by excavating out the linoleum. No appliances remain save an old island that housed a GE cooktop which we will donate or dispose of very soon.

This newly torn out kitchen is full of possibility, light and usable space – a blank slate! We plan to upfit it with modern amenities in the traditional style, in keeping with the house. Stay tuned!

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