Layers and Layers

While Scott and I have been waiting for our plumbing rough in to be finished in the house, we are tackling other projects in the house. One of these has been to take off paneling in rooms in order to bring it back to its original state. On most of our rooms, paneling have been covered with wallpaper.

Lots and lots of it.  Some of this is four layers deep!

Four types of wallpaper showing in this one room – an upper bedroom! Three layers were on paneling.





Revealing three layers deep of papers!
Wallpaper in the kitchen.
Another shot of it in our kitchen, on top of paneling.
Behind the teapot paper, was ‘70s era paper with French chefs and chickens and pots. Kinda cool!
I wish they hadn’t covered this one up!
We think this paper dates to the 1920s. Found in upstairs bedroom, underneath two layers of paneling and three other layers of wallpaper.
A cool border on top of the paper too … We’re saving a piece of this for future owners to have…
This also dates to the 1920s, or perhaps back to 1911. It was not in good shape. Also from upstairs bedroom.
This is paintable wallpaper. Former owners just lopped four colors of paint on it and left it. You can see the paneling boards underneath it.
This is in the front parlor and is not in bad shape. It’s the last bit of wallpaper still left in the house – yet to be taken off. It’s from the 1980s. But again, as in other rooms, it’s wallpaper over paneling and has to go.                                                                                                                                Now with the paneling stipped off and wallpaper in the dumpster, we can see the original form and feel of the house. I can even feel the house begin to breathe again.
Also from the parlor
Wallpaper on stairwell leading to attic, on paneling of course.






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