Paint on a metal roof

Debris from two trees and multiple shrubs line the side street after they were cut down last Saturday .
Our metal roof was painted with elastomeric paint from Acrymax.
Each roofing tile is stamped with an “X.”
Our back area is now framed in – just waiting for roof framing.

One of the distinguishing features of our 1911 home is a metal roof with X stamped shingles. After getting quotes from roofers and historic home experts, we hired painters to coat the original part of our home with elastomeric paint from Acrymax.

This product is designed to expand and contract, and will bridge hairline cracks in the coating. It’s based on a Acrymax roofing paint system for historic roof renovations, and Rory, our representative has been in touch with us every few weeks to check on our progress and make sure the team applies it properly. He’s gone above and beyond the call of duty and we’re thankful.
Because we planned this in the winter, and bought the paint in December, it took our local paint crew several months to finish the job. Ice, snow and lots of rain brought delays and it took the crew several days to prep the roof and install primer. A lift we rented sat stuck in mud for nearly a week in January rains. The crew ended up using ladders to reach each area, instead of the lift.
But the red roof brightens up the house, and Acrymax guarantees its product for 10 years. The paint crew was clearly glad to have the job done and over – so many peaks and gables led to a longer job than they had planned for.
We plan to install standing seam roofs in back of the house where a former roof failed, in the section we tore out. And we plan to replace the current standing seam roof over the porch – in a future project.

Scott confers with our framing contractors, the Davis brothers, on the architect’s drawings.

Our back room framing has begun, and went up quickly. This space will hold our master bedroom, closets, laundry room, pantry, and a new small bathroom. The room framing went up in two days. It has been fun to watch travelers along Whitley streets slow down and comment on it as they pass our home. Several have stopped to ask about our plans and shout their approval.

Matthew Davis works on back house framing.

Over the next two weeks the back roof will be framed in too. Then we can have our standing seam roof installed, and I won’t have to use the turkey pans and buckets to catch all the drips in our master bathroom, which is only covered by a tarp right now.

Scott and the Davis brothers check on ceiling supports and how to shore up the flooring of the second floor bathroom, which is now sagging.
Laborers cut down two trees that were blocking the house view.
Laborers cut down two trees that were blocking the house view.

We hired two local laborers to take down our trees and overgrown bushes at the front and side of the house. They came with a chain saw and cleared it out within a few hours. It has been fun to watch our home rise from the jungle of overgrown bushes and undergrowth. Our wrap around porch is no longer hidden!

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